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Product lines crafted from 30+ years experience in both the field and manufacturing.

About Elevator Sill Solutions,
By Archi-Tread®, Inc.

Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, Inc., is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of elevator sills. With offices in Kinnelon, NJ, and Rosenberg, TX, we stock, fabricate, sell, and install custom or stock elevator sills for customers nationwide. The owner having a background that extended more than 30 years in the manufacturing elevator entrances and cabs, received repeated requests from architects, designers, elevator contractors and property owners for custom sills in a variety of finishes. Upon the sale of the elevator manufacturing company, Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread® was started. The owner developed his own patented method for manufacturing sills in virtually any size, finish, and design. He has further expanded the product lines to include stock sills in many finishes for many manufacturers. Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread® offers niche products within a niche market, so you won't find these products and services anywhere else.

Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, combines decades of elevator manufacturing experience with new technologies and designs. Our prices are very competitive, and we deliver high-quality work every time. We are members of NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) and ECNY (Elevator Conference of New York).

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Non Directional Stainless Steel Finish