If we don’t stock it, we will fabricate it.

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No longer is there a need to chop out the existing sill!

Modernize Using Sillskins®

Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, has revolutionized the elevator industry. This patented field-installed overlay system improves the appearance of the elevator sill while avoiding the traditional means of “chopping out” the existing sill. Therefore avoiding all the downtime and damages incurred when chopping out the sill. During a typical installation, it is not required to remove the doors, and installation is completed within hours by an Archi-Tread® authorized and trained mechanic. Providing a premium finish at a cost-effective price works.



Project address: 3 Columbus Circle, New York, NY, installed in 2018.
Scope of Work: Floors 25 & 26, 14 existing two-speed cast iron sills with stationary panels to be converted to bronze #4.
Ownership: Moinian Group.
Elevator Company:
Nouveau Elevator.

New Construction

The solution for new construction projects is to ensure the elevator sill finishes are pristine at turn-over. A pre-engineered extruded aluminum base sill is furnished by Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, which the elevator contractor installs during the elevator installation phase. Once the heavy building construction is completed, an Archi-Tread® authorized and trained mechanic will field apply the SILLSKIN® cladding. Providing a sill in pristine condition at turnover.


Project address: Gotham Center Bldg 1 & Bldg 3, Long Island City, NY, installed in 2019.
Scope of work: New Construction, 20 Lobby single-speed center parting sills. Final finish stainless steel #4.
Elevator Company: Schindler Elevator
Architect: Moet Deamus


Furnish NEW Sills

A low-cost option to fully extruded premium finish sills by utilizing an extruded aluminum base and a SILLSKIN® cladding in the approved finish of choice. SILLSKIN® Entrance and Cab sills are factory designed and fabricated to match each job's specifications. SILLSKIN® Sills are shipped to and installed by the elevator contractor.


Project address: 200 Park Ave, San Jose, CA, install 2021.
Scope of work: New Construction, 22 cabs, 186 single-speed center parting sills to match TK Elevator profiles. Final finish stainless steel #4.
Elevator Company: TK Elevator
Architect: Gensler

ALUMINUM Entrance and Cab Sills

Our latest investment: customized machinery and tooling to provide those aluminum sills that one can’t simply find. We now have the capability of providing aluminum sills in multiple speeds, profiles, and in unlimited widths and lengths.

ALUMINUM Entrance & Cab sills: CASE STUDY

Project address: Villages of Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN, installed 2021.
Scope of work: Provide new car sills to match existing Haughton/Dover two-speed sills.
Material: Aluminum
Elevator Company: Premier Elevator
Lead time for custom sills, 1 week

SILLSKINS®: A One-Of-A-Kind Solution

Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, has revolutionized… the elevator industry. This unique overlay improves the appearance of your elevator without the need for traditional “chopping out” of the existing sill, thus avoiding any potential damage to the surrounding areas. That means your nice, shiny floors will stay that way

We’ll Match Your Fit, Too

Think your elevator size, width, finish, or speed might be hard to fit? Try us! Our sills are custom-made to fit unique sizes.


Here at Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, we guide our clients through every step of the building process. From design to materials used, budget, to site arrangement. We consider every detail of your project. Providing our clients confidence in our service packages.


Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, is sincerely interested in the safety of their employees, the public, and our operations. They have a Safety Program, and their employees are continually trained on safety issues.

Here at Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, we pride ourselves on our proven track record and many years of experience. It’s obvious we know sills!! All projects are completed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Fix Your Sill – Fast

A damaged sill is unattractive. More importantly, it can also be very dangerous. If you have an older model sill, especially one from Westinghouse™ or Otis™ that’s no longer in stock, give us a call. We offer custom fabrications to fit your exact dimension.

Renovations Made a Lot Easier

Adding a new floor and needing to raise the height of the sill? Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®, can raise the sill height as little as 1/16″ or higher without removing the existing sill and surroundings.

Need just one? -- Need it quick? -- Not a problem for Elevator Sill Solutions, by Archi-Tread®.